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Wiring Of All Kinds In Juneau

Electrical work is one of the most important aspects of contracting and construction. Lighting, wiring, and a host of other jobs are important to completing a property. Without proper electrical work, a home, business, or industrial site is not ready to use, live in, work in, and enjoy. Electrical work also takes a great deal of care and precision, and Juneau Electric understands how important safety is when installing and repairing electrical and wiring jobs. We are confident we can help in all of your needs today!
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Fire Alarms

In addition to more traditional electrical and wiring jobs, Juneau Electric also specializes in fire alarm systems installation and repair. As we know, fire alarms are an essential part of any property - residential, commercial, and industrial spaces all require fire alarms to help keep inhabitants safe. A property is exposed to a dangerous situation without a proper fire alarm system. Juneau Electric can alleviate these concerns and install, customize, and repair your fire alarm system.

Computer Cabling

In our ever-changing, increasingly technologized world, computers are more and more important. Juneau Electric understands this and can help route cabling and wiring systems for computers, modems, internet networks, and a wide range of other technology cabling. A well connected home or business can help transform a space and ready it for the 21st century.
Juneau Electric

Experienced Electricians

Experience and professionalism are key aspects of electrical work. Safety is our priority as well as making sure we do the job thoroughly. Working closely with our customers to ensure their electrical and wiring needs are met is a top priority for Juneau Electric. We have a wide range of experience and look forward to serving you today.
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